Experimental Facilities

We regularly adapt, modify, and add on to our facilities to meet changing testing needs. The experimental facilities currently available at UC San Diego's Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials (CEAM) include:.

Dynamic Testing

Dynamic testing of materials is a speciality of CEAM. Our facilities include custom-built split pressure Hopkinson bars, gas guns, and shock tubes of various sizes, as well as a high speed camera capable of 200 million frames per second.

Quasi-Static and Fatigue Testing

Quasi-static and fatigue testing are performed using computer-controlled hydraulics and multi-axial load frames.

Materials Characterization

Materials are studied using a range of tools including microscopes, thermomechanical analyzers, and a vector network analyzer.

Specimen and Equipment Fabrication

CEAM has a range of facilities dedicated to creating materials and closely collaborates with other groups to produce samples and fixtures.