Courses taught by Prof. Nemat-Nasser.

MAE 105. Introduction to Mathematical Physics

Spring 2009

(4 units) Fourier series, Sturm Liouville theory, elementary partial differential equations, integral transforms with applications to problems in vibration, wave motion, and heat conduction. Prerequisites: admission to engineering major or and grades of C– or better in Phys. 2A-B and Math. 20D or Math. 21D.

MAE 131A. Solid Mechanics I

Fall 2009

(4 units) (Cross-listed with SE 110A.) Students may not receive credit for SE 110A or MAE 131A and SE 110A/MAE 131A. Concepts of stress and strain. Hooke’s Law. Axial loading of bars. Torsion of circular shafts. Shearing and normal stresses in beam bending. Deflections in beams. Statically determinate and indeterminate problems. Combined loading. Principal stresses and design criteria. Buckling of columns. Prerequisites: grades of C– or better in Math. 20D, 20F, and MAE 130A or SE 101A.

MAE 231B. Elasticity

Winter 2010

(4 units) Basic field equations. Typical boundary value problems of classical linear elasticity. Problems of plane stress and plane strain. Variational principles. Prerequisite: MAE 231A or consent of instructor.

MAE 231C. Anelasticity

Spring 2010

(4 units) Mechanical models of viscoelastic, plastic, and viscoplastic behavior in simple shear or uniaxial stress. Constitutive relations for three-dimensional states of stress and strain. Application to selected technological problems. Prerequisite: MAE 231B or consent of instructor.

MAE 233A. Fracture Mechanics

Spring 2009

(4 units) Theoretical strength; stress concentration. Linear and nonlinear fracture mechanics: stress singularity, fracture modes, crack tip plastic zone, dugdale model, the R-curve; power-law materials, the J-integral; fatigue; special topics. Prerequisite: MAE 231A, MAE 231B, or consent of instructor.

MAE 233B. Micromechanics

Winter 2009

(4 units) General theory of transformation strains and corresponding elastic fields; Green’s functions and other solution methods; dislocations; inclusions and inhomogeneities; micromechanics of plastic flow, microcracking, cavitation, and damage in crystalline and other solids. Prerequisite: MAE 231A-B-C or consent of instructor.

Course Notes

Fracture Mechanics [1981]

Introduction to Physics of Continua [1972]

Foundations of Contiuuum Mechanics [1967]