Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials

Director: Sia Nemat-Nasser, Distinguished Professor of Mechanics and Materials

More than a dozen graduate students, undergraduates and postdoctoral fellows are conducting research under the center's auspices.

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Professor Sia Nemat-Nasser presents a 'Premier Class Lecture' at UC San Diego|Extension's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute [OLLI]


August 4, 2014

SNN presenting OLLI Lecture



Advanced Materials: The Magic of Deciphering Special Properties of Elastomeric Composites

ABSTRACT: The mitigation of shock from explosive blasts is an important safety consider­ation, particularly in military domains. It is difficult to evaluate the properties of materials under extreme shock conditions. Experimental results backed by theoretical analysis have revealed how blast-induced shocks can be mitigated using materials called block co-polymers. It turns out that relevant properties of these materials can be quantified using low-temperature mea­surements and specialized material models. This lecture summarized work on polyurea and polyurea-based nano- and micro-scale composites and illustrated how this model successfully reproduces many of the observed test results.


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Link to presentation video [mp4].




ASME 2013 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition Honors Professor Sia Nemat-Nasser with the ASME Medal


November 18, 2013, San Diego CA

Sia Nemat-Nasser was awarded the ASME Medal "For creating micro-architectured composites to mitigate shock-wave induced traumatic brain injury; metamaterials to redirect, attenuate and manage stress waves; and original comprehensive models of deformation and failure of metallic structures with application to metal forming and failure prevention; and for excellent contributions in promoting ASME's Materials Division."

The ASME Medal, established in 1920, is the highest award that the Society can bestow and is to recognize “eminently distinguished engineering achievement.” Only one ASME Medal may be awarded annually. Although some individuals have been honored by both the ASME Medal and Honorary Membership, each award has been made on the basis of different accomplishments.

ASME News: Engineers Celebrate at 2013 ASME Honors Assembly


Sia Nemat-Nasser ASME Medal

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